“SHADE AND SHADOW”— Facing the Past

“Shade and Shadow”

Facing the Past

Amos Lassen

Another new film from director Gabriel Maitreya, “Shade and Shadow” is about a young man whose wife died a year before and he continues to mourn her death. As he mourns, he is visited by his past. His mother convinces him to go to what was his childhood home, now abandoned and there he receives visits from a retired film star, an old girlfriend and her new boyfriend, a masked servant and a filmmaker looking like a rotting bird. Like the widower, these strange visitors are haunted by their pasts. As the demons begin to reveal themselves, we enter another world. Mixing humor and horror together, we explore memory and its power and get a movie that almost hypnotizes its viewers. The film is done in the style of the old fashioned horror movies, the beautiful and grotesque come together.

While this is not specifically a gay film, there is a good deal of male nudity and a very strange relationship between the two male actors. Keep your eyes out for Maitreya—he has three movies coming at us.


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