“STEAM”— Visiting a Bathhouse


Visiting a Bathhouse

Amos Lassen

A gay couple goes to a bathhouse for a night of sexual adventure…unaware that a killer lurks behind the steam… In this tale of sex and death, will they survive?

The film follows an attractive young couple who decide to spice things up by visiting a bathhouse but instead find a murderous rampage behind the steam.

 “Steam is fun, thrilling, and scary. It has the perfect combination of love, sex, and death. The horror genre offers a campy quality that fits perfectly with the queer community and that’s why so many of us love horror films.”

The film boasts a cast of LGBTQ+ actors, an intentional move by director Joao Dall’Stella. “We need to tell our own stories without sacrificing the authenticity to please the general audience’s eyes.”



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