“DEATH PROMISE”— A Real Estate War


A Real Estate War

Amos Lassen

Director Robert Warmflash’s “Death Promise” stars Charles Bonet as a Hispanic would-be kung-fu master who battles evil New York City slumlords after his father is killed following an argument with one of the landlords. He is helped by a couple of his buddies.

Charley Roman and Speedy Leacock love training in Martial Arts at the Ridgefield Self Defense Academy in New York City under Master Shibata but something is upsetting their normally peaceful lives. Evil, ruthless landlords are using tactics to get tenants to move out. When Charley’s father, an ex-boxer, tells everyone to stand strong and not give in, the antagonists graduate to more creative and dangerous means to flush out tenants. Responsible for all the trouble is a diabolical planning and zoning board, that is made up of a team of ethnic stereotypes. Jackson, Albano, Mirsky and Engstrom (Black, Italian, Jewish and WASP who want the land a particular building is on. They have Kung-Fu fighting goons to ensure they get it. When Roman’s father is caught in the crossfire, Charley resolves to make the planning and zoning/stereotype board pay and travels to Asia to train even more in Martial Arts. Now with Charley, Speedy and Sup Kim prepared to take on the baddies, a real estate war ensues.

There are some amazing situations and line readings that are unforgettable and the film pays strict attention to technical details.

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