“BATWOMAN” & “THE PANTHER WOMAN”—Double Feature (4K Restoration) [Blu-ray]


Double Feature (4K Restoration) [Blu-ray]

Amos Lassen

If you are looking for a fun double feature here is one for you. While these are not great fils, they are enjoyable escapes from the state of America today.

“Batwoman” takes place after the body of a professional wrestler is found off Acapulco’s coastline. At first it is believed that he drowned but the autopsy reveals a different and disturbing prognosis.  The coroner finds that the victim’s pineal gland has been surgically drained of all fluid. This looks the autopsies of murdered victims in Hong Kong and Macao so the police turn the investigation over to Mario Roble, who enlists the help of Batwoman (Maura Monti), a beautiful crime fighter. Their investigation takes them to a neurosurgeon who uses the drained fluid in his attempts to genetically create a half fish, half man hybrid.

“The Panther Women” is about the  attempt by cult members to resurrect the dead leader of their satanic sect and the Panther Women (Olga Petrova) must perform blood sacrifices in order for him to return to life. Using the wrestling ring as their sepulcher and their unsuspecting opponents as their blood sacrifice’s, As they conduct their life-resurrecting rituals,  the cultists members cause the shedding of blood of innocent people. Their activities are ended when  Captain Diaz becomes aware of their evil dealings and quest.

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