“Severed” by Ignacio Lopez— A Monologue

Lopez, Ignacio. “Severed”, 53rd State Press, 2020.

A Monologue

Amos Lassen

Ignacio Lopez’s “Severed” is a short dark, disturbing monologue that is a coming-of-age story filled with horror. It is irreverent, and revelatory, held together by two very different voices who deal with crises of sexuality and conscience. The lines between desire and violence are blurred and we question the issues of empathy, forgiveness, and understanding. We are pulled into a physical reality that is frightening and yet very real. If you ever questioned what you see when you look into a mirror, this is a story that you must read. As we explore our deepest desires, do we see ourselves or are we someone else? Through Lopez’s own story, we cannot help but see something of ourselves.

The writing is gorgeous and the author’s ability to put us in his place is stunning. In just 77 pages, we learn more than we do in full-length novels and I am still reeling from what I read.

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