“MISCONCEPTIONS”— A  Look at Surrogacy


A  Look at Surrogacy

Amos Lassen

In “Misconceptions”, a religiously conservative woman receives a message from God telling her to act as a surrogate mother and carry a child for a couple of married gay men, a doctor and an African-American choreographer in Boston.

Dogma and drama come together with compassion that is gracefully balanced. Highlighting diversity, this is a powerful film that shows that in order to survive
we must learn, respect, and allow
the differing of views, of nations, and understand that by not doing so, there is little hope.

The characters are real and their relationships are very deep. We see character growth and actual issues that can occur in marriages.

While the main characters are gay, this film is not about being gay. The story, the acting and the direction are sensitive and moving leaving us in tears when it is over. Here is a look at the differences between a Southern religious family and a sophisticated gay couple from Boston. We are taken into the worlds of philosophical, sociological and legal entanglements that result from scientific discoveries and create new and different life situations.