“The Freezer Door” by Matilda Sycamore Bernstein— A Meditation

Bernstein, Matilda Sycamore. “The Freezer Door”,  Semiotexte, 2020.

A Meditation

Amos Lassen

Mattilda Sycamore Bernstein’s “The Freezer Door” is “a meditation on the trauma and possibility of searching for connection in a world that enforces bland norms of gender, sexual, and social conformity.”

Our daily lives are filled with desire and there is always something to aspire to. We search for community and our dreams often fail more than they come together. As owe search for that community, we find a world where norms are strictly enforced and those norms refer to gender, sexual, and social conformity yet we want to celebrate the diversity of who we are. Bernstein writes about belonging in the stream-of-consciousness mode showing us the ironies of American life. Through the author’s own memories, we begin to see life very differently.

We are with Bernstein on the streets of Seattle looking for humanity in a city that seems cold and sterile. We want to interact with others while maintaining our identities and we see that so much is missing. Culture, especially LGBTQ culture has changed and we now conform to that which we once rebelled against.

We might see that as a memoir of Bernstein speaking internally while remaining a part of and detached from society. Yet, the search for a connection continues.