“Places in the Parasha” by Professor Yoel Elitzur— Where the Bible Happened

Elitzur, Yoel . “Places in the Parasha”, Maggid, 2020.

Where the Bible Happened

Amos Lassen

When I first moved to Israel, one of the first things I did was to go to see the places that are mentioned in the Bible. Growing up in a Jewish household and a Zionist youth group, this was only natural. I just wish that, back then, I had been lucky enough to have Yoel Elitzur’s “Places in the Parasha”. It is wonderful way to remember what I had been taught and a fine way of knowing how to explore those places.

Professor Yoel Elitzur is a leading expert in the fields of Bible and Talmud, biblical and historical geography, and Hebrew and Semitic languages. In “Places in the Parasha”, he “analyzes archaeological and linguistic findings, peruses historical sources, and explores the derivation and meaning of names so as to give us geographic identifications and linguistic solutions to the mysteries of the Tanakh. We revisit the Garden of Eden and the Ai, Goren Ha-Atad and Mount Sinai, Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal among others. All of this is presented in the order of the weekly Torah portions. All of the material is presented concisely and clearly, with maps and pictures and we experience “the insights and revelations in this impressive work, and strengthen their connection to the Land of Israel.”

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