“THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY”— A Serial Killer


A Serial Killer

Amos Lassen

“A Cold Light of Day” is based on the story of serial killer Denis Nielsen (here named Jordan March), who disposed of at least 13 young loners and losers. March (Bob Flag) is arrested and claims that he did not mean to kill the boys— “It just happened”. Supposedly he had been traumatized by witnessing the death of his grandfather. March is brutal and boils heads, scoops out viscera and chops hands off and it is very upsetting.

It was the neighbors who had to deal with a penetrating smell that brought about the police investigation during which they found  find body parts in the sewer pipes of March’s apartment. He came across as friendly and inconspicuous civil service yet he confessed that he murdered and dismembered several young men.

The film is a low budge production yet it is an authentic look at a horrible crime. It was made during the same decade as the actual crimes took place. The 16mm photography is often grainy and dim, but it does capture the sleaziness of the late eighties in London night life. Most of the movie is spent in the filthy flat of the main character where he lures young and jobless drifters to terrible fates


  Limited Edition of 2000 units

  Brand new 2K restoration from the original 16mm camera negative approved by director Fhiona-Louise

  Original uncompressed mono audio

  Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

  Brand new audio commentary with writer/director Fhiona-Louise

  Brand new audio commentary with film historians/writers Dean Brandum and Andrew Nette

  Newly-filmed interview with actor Martin Byrne-Quinn

  Newly-filmed interview with actor Steve Munroe

  Original Cold Light of Day promo film made to raise financing for the feature

  Re-Release Trailer

  Two short films starring Cold Light of Day director Fhiona-Louise and photographed by Star Wars DP David Tattershall, newly restored in HD: Metropolis Apocalypse (1988, 11 mins) and Sleepwalker (1993, 2 mins)

  Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly-commissioned artwork by Gilles Vranckx

  Limited Edition Die-cut O-card

  Limited Edition collector s booklet featuring new writing on the film by Jo Botting and a look at how the press reported Dennis Nilsen s real-life crimes by Jeff Billington.

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