“TWO EYES”— Love, Life and Growth


Love, Life and Growth

Amos Lassen

“Two Eyes” is made up of three intertwining stories about three main characters in three distinct time periods. We go to the late 19th century Montana and meet an artist (Benjamin Rigby) who seeks inspiration for his art. With his Native American guide (Kiowa Gordon), he explores the landscape and his conceptions of himself and the world around him are challenged. In 1979 in Barstow, California, the mundane existence of a questioning youth (Uly Schlesinger) questions the ennui for her existence and is given a pick-up with the arrival of a new exchange student (Jessica Allain) with whom lust  ensues. In present-day Wyoming a trans teewhomager (Ryan Cassata) deals with his self-destructive feelings with his perceptive, non-binary therapist (Kate Bornstein).

The film explores the themes of gender, love, grief, and the power of art to transcend time and the three narratives that seem to be unrelated come together into an emotional story.  

Director Travis Fine looks at love, sexuality, gender, and life in all of their expressions. Through the beautiful cinematography and wonderful musical score, ideas come together to bring us a beautiful film with deep meaning. Here is the power of community, especially among LGBTQIA+ people. We see a potential for growth that has existed through centuries, and that looks to the future with hope and a belief in our ability to heal.