“YOUR HEART IS HOMELESS”— A Conflicted Gay Man


A Conflicted Gay Man

Amos Lassen

In “Your Heart is Homeless”, James (Peter McPherson) places his last drink on the bar next to a handsome stranger and their eyes briefly meet. Shortly after James sees the stranger, Carl (James Buttling), in the men’s toilet and decides to wait for him outside in the street. James drives Carl back to his apartment where he tells him that he already knew him since he services his car. James kisses Carl and they spend a night together. In the morning Carl is racked with guilt and assaults James leaving him beaten and bleeding on the bed.

The opening scene is ina  quiet gay pub in a  London side street at lunchtime .  The two men at the bar make eye contact with each other and afterwards when  they stand side by side at the urinal neither says a word, but just before he is about to leave, James holds himself against Carl who is clearly very nervous.

They go James’s apartment and the men finally speak. Carl sAYS he is a straight married man but when James accuses him of stealing his sports jockstrap from his car , we get the idea that this hook-up is not spontaneous. There is no happy ending but the performances are excellent. Director Daren Blade says that the film is fiction but that he wanted  to tell a story how many people lead a double life as they struggle with their sexuality.


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