“Rarer than Rubies” by E.M. Lynley— The Hunt

Lynley, E.M. “Rarer Than Rubies”, Dreamspinner Press, 2011.

The Hunt

Amos Lassen

Trent Copeland meets Reed Acton at the Bangkok Airport and he is immediately infatuated with him. The fact that he is an American makes him all the more appealing. Trent immediately sees something in Reed but he also wonders why Reed is interested in him, an introvert and gay romance writer. Trent also senses that Reed’s regular appearances in his path also have meaning but he does not know just what…yet.

Reed is a man on a mission and that is to find and get the map which was slipped into Trent’s bag by mistake. If he can do this he will be able to ward off the mob who wants the priceless treasure that the map shows how to obtain. If the mob gets hold of the artifact they are bound to avenge its loss. For Reed, at first, Trent is a little more than a diversion but in his line of work he does not have time to play with men. He also realizes that he must keep Trent safe.

The novel movies all over Bangkok from the seedy alleyways to the sacred north and Reed (and Trent) have to constantly be one step ahead. If you like adventure, this is a book for you as kit combines a treasure hunt in exotic Thailand with unforgettable characters. There is the romance subplot as well and we see what happens when Trent, an insecure and lonely writer finds himself in the middle of the action.

I love that all the details are given to us and we have to figure some things out on our own. This is one sure fire way to get the reader into the story.

I found Trent to be irresistible, almost like a puppy who can’t find his way. He seems to hold unwarranted fears and is a total introvert… at least, until Reed comes into his life. Reed comes across as Trent’s opposite but is as every bit as interesting. As Trent struggles with the culture and lifestyle of Bangkok and Thailand, Reed is trying to get him to grow up. He changes a great deal because of Reed and he is almost butterfly like as he comes out of his cocoon.

Lynley brings mystery and romance together and I really enjoyed that. The novel just screams with life that is there for the taking. I found this to be an exceptional read.