“Rewind” by Marshall Thornton— Ready to Date Again

Thornton, Marshall. “Rewind”, (Pinx Video Mysteries), Independently Published, 2019.

Ready to Date Again

Amos Lassen

Set on Valentine’s Day, 1993, Marshall Thornton’s “Rewind” introduces us to Noah who has been single for years. He decides that he is finally ready to date again but things really do not go well. After he and his date spend their first night together, Noah wakes up  covered in blood and his date, lying next to him is dead. Already convinced Noah has an abnormal attraction to murder, Detective Wellesley believes that Noah is attracted to murder and he has killed. Noah and his friends Marc and Louis now have to prove his innocence.

Noah Valentine is a nice guy and a real friend but he is now managed to get himself involved in murder. He just wants is to manage Pinx, his video store in Silver Lake, and deal with the reality of living with HIV. Even in his gentility, we see that he has resilience and strength and he will need it.

Marc and Louis are Noah’s family of choice. They are a couple who really take care of him. They cook for him, worry about him and help him when needed. Noah’s mother is an off-page character and is smart and loving but she is Noah’s mother and that puts her in a special place in his heart.  Noah’s other friend’s Leon and Robert, have their parts here and Javier O’Shea, the closeted detective is mixed Mexican-Irish and an opposite to Noah in almost every way. For Noah, Xavier represents his ideal and the kind of man that Noah really wants, but also what he thinks he can’t have. Noah lives his own fears about his future. 

Thornton who is known as a mystery writer develops his story by looking at the motives that make people do what they do and this is something that bothers Noah. Because he feels that he does not deserve happiness, he denies the chance of achieving it.

The mystery here is solid as we have come to expect from the author (a three time Lambda award winner). I have not read the preceding volumes in the series but have been told that it would be wise to do so and I probably will, Nonetheless this stood up on its own and I loved the many references to culture.

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