“TROOP ZERO”— Singing in Space


Singing in Space

Amos Lassen

Christmas Flint (McKenna Grace) is the daughter of attorney Ramsey Flint (Jim Gaffigan) and she has big dreams but she has to settle for just being a small town girl living in Wiggly, Georgia.  She eavesdrops on a Birdie Scout troop after climbing up in a tree upon being bullied and learns that the annual Birdie Scout Jamboree talent contest winners will be featured in a record being sent to outer space.  The opportunity to have her voice go to outer space becomes a goal for the pre-teen. 

To reach this  goal, Christmas has to find people to join the Scouts with her as Miss Massey (Allison Janney),  won’t let her join otherwise.  Miss Massey, the leader of Troop Five isn’t looking to recruit Christmas so Christmas decides to form her own troop. She recruits her best friend, Joseph (Charles Shotwell) who isn’t exactly the type to come off as gender non-conforming.  They find a few others to join including Hell-No (Milan Ray), Smash (Johanna Colón), and Ann-Claire (Bella Higginbotham).  After finding friends, Christmas asks Miss Rayleen (Viola Davis), to serve as their troop mother knowing that no matter what they do, Miss Massey will always come back with some sort of retort to knock them down.

Troop Zero makes their way to the Birdie Scout Jamboree complete with a song-and-dance performance to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” 

What we see is a tale of bonding and adventure, as the members of the group try to acquire the badges they need to take part in the jamboree contest. The plot is simple and filled with humor and the actors and delightful with their positive energy.

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