“Lot Six: A Memoir” by David Adjmi— To Be a Person

Adjmi, David. “Lot Six: A Memoir”, Harper,  2020.
To Be a Person
Amos Lassen
In “Lost Six: A Memoir”, playwright David Adjmi explores how human beings create themselves, and how artists make their lives into art. 
 Adjmi was born in Brooklyn in the 1970’s into a Syrian Jewish family that once had it all. He soon felt displaced and trapped in an insular religious community that excluded him and drove him into suicidal depression. Through adolescence, David tried to hide and suppress his homosexual feelings and fit in, but when pushed to the breaking point, he decided to cut off his family, erase his past, and leave everything he knew behind. But, who should he be? He moved between identities he stole from fashion magazines, philosophy books, sitcoms and foreign films and from practically everyone he met. He began to create an entirely new adult self.
Adjmi’s story is one  of an outsider striving to reshape himself. Adjmi’s memoir is portrait of the artist in a life and death crisis of identity. “Lot Six” tells his search for belonging, identity, and what it takes to be an artist in America.
The memoir is both heartbreaking and hilarious; the story of what it means to make things up, including oneself. It is a story of lack and lies, humiliations and reinventions and a look at how should a person be?” Reading David Adjmi iexplains aspects of ourselves that many of us have never faced.  It is not easy to build an identity and even more difficult to write about doing so with wit and candor. In doing so, Adjmi has written a love letter to art and those of us who need it to survive. There is something here for everyone and after you have dried the tears and calmed the laughs, you will realize that reading about Adjmi is also reading about oneself.

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