“BENJAMIN”— Letting Love In


Letting Love In

Amos Lassen

Writer-director Simon Amstell’s amusing and appealing, bittersweet romantic comedy “Benjamin” is a treat. Benjamin (Colin Morgan) is floundering in his career. He is filled with self-doubt as his feature film “No Self” premieres at the 2017 London Film Festival. His private life is also giving him self-doubts especially after meeting a young French singer/musician called Noah (Phénix Brossard) at a gig.

Their romance would run smoothly, if only Benjamin would let it. They are both cute guys and seem to be made for each other. Ben  is wracked with self-doubt about his worth after a two-year relationship went wrong. As we might expect, his ex turns up just at the wrong moment, and that moment is when Ben is meeting Noah’s parents . Director Amstell manages to make the satire and the romance fresh and funny and affecting.

This is a bleak and hilarious glimpse into Simon Amstell’s mind. We see his insecurities and witticisms in his indictment of London, the arts and himself. Benjamin comes across as a  self-portrait. 

Benjamin is a filmmaker, a tea-drinker and “an over-thinking meditating vegan.” He is the archetypal fun-guy who meets his ‘yang’ and together, they are a very cute couple.

The film wrestles with the anxiety caused by the release of Benjamin’s second film and his fears that he may be unable to experience love.