“The American People: Volume 2: The Brutality of Fact: A Novel” by Larry Kramer— The Story Continues

Kramer, Larry. “The American People: Volume 2: The Brutality of Fact: A Novel”,  Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2020.

The Story Continues

Amos Lassen

Larry Kramer completes his fictionalized monumental history of the United States with “The American People: Volume 2: The Brutality of Fact: A Novel” but you will have to wait until January to read it. Kramer reimagines this country’ history radically and takes us from  the brothels of 1950s Washington, D.C., to the activism of the 1980s and beyond, giving us a “phantasmagoria of bigoted conspiracists in the halls of power and ordinary individuals suffering their consequences.” With wit and sarcastic, ironic bite, he explores the sex lives of every recent president; the behavior of America’s two greatest spies, J. Edgar Hoover and James Jesus Angleton; the rise of  this country’s favorite magazine “Sexopolis” and the genocidal activities of every branch of our health-care and drug-delivery systems. If you thought you were outdone by Kramer’s “Faggots” about gay life in this country then “you ain’t heard nothing yet”.

Narrated by (among others) the writer Fred Lemish (remember him?) and his two friends, Dr. Daniel Jerusalem, who works for America’s preeminent health-care institution, and his twin brother, David Jerusalem, a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp who was abused by many powerful men. Together they follow a terrible plague that strenghtens as the government ignores it.  These bold and imaginative activists set out to shock the nation’s conscience. They way Kramer sees it, “the United States is dedicated to the proposition that very few men are created equal, and those who love other men may be destined for death.” You have never read anything like this before.

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