“Continental Divide” by Alex Myers— Discovering the Meaning of Masculinity

Myers, Alex.  “Continental Divide,  University of New Orleans Press. 2019.

Discovering the Meaning of Masculinity

Amos Lassen

Veronica Bancroft never felt like the girl she was born. He became Ron but when telling his parents, they decided to no longer pay part of his Harvard tuition fees and so he left school in order to find a way to be financially independent. He went to Cody, Wyoming where he finds work on a ranch. He was in “the land where men were men, or they got the hell out of town.”

“Continental Divide” by Alex Myers is the story of Ron’s journey to self-acceptance. It is also the story of hiding who he is.  He wears compression shirts and showers  when no one else is in the bunkhouse, and falls for outspoken Cassie, a horse wrangler and co-owner of the ranch with her brother Gus. When Ron is outed by Cassie’s malicious younger brother, Marc, he’s fired and has a target on his back. He is determined that being transgender will not limit what he can do and where he can go. “I have to stand up and live as who I am, with the expectation that people will treat me decently.” Through great courage and a great deal of pain, Ron is able to fix both old and new relationships “finds a home in himself and his chosen family.” His story is a “moving meditation on fear, masculinity, and the power of coming out.”

This is a touching and personal coming-of-age novel about Ron’s struggles to forge his identity as he deals with the dangers of a world that does not want him.


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