“OCTAV”— 30 Years in the Making


30 Years in the Making

Amos Lassen

Director Serge Ioan Celebidachi actually began writing the screenplay for “Octav” some thirty years ago. The film actually looks like a movie of people who have gone through life and have now reached a point where they are trying to understand where they came from. It’s full of nostalgia and memories yet there are no regrets. We see a combination of past and present, real and imaginary.

There are many pieces of Octav’s life that we do not know and we do not get to know why he is now alone It seems that nothing happened between  childhood and the present moment but we lose that sense of insignificance as the movie moves forward.  

There are many metaphors and a lot of philosophy and while it may seem like a lot we realize that whatever happens on the screen is just convention

Marcel Iureș is Octav. He came to Romania to recovers his nationalized house that he decides to sell it. He struggled for so many years to recover his home but then unloaded it. He meets Spiridon (Victor Rebengiuc), an old friend who is almost completely absent from the entire second act of the film, only returning to the end.

This film has won an astonishing 104 prizes yet I am not sure how. Watching this was at times a delight and at other times, a struggle. There must be more to it than what I saw.

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