Not So Happy

Amos Lassen

I rarely pan a film but this time I have to do so. The title fooled and misled me. I was looking forward to a huge mood change but instead I became quite angry for wasting my time watching this even with what I thought was an assured good time due to the pedigree of director Ventura Pons. If you manage to sit through this whole movie, I can tell you that happy is not what you will be.

In London, we have “Peter, a Freudian psychiatrist married to a Finnish actor, Mika, David, a young British gay living in Banyoles, Spain and addicted to Grinder, and Coco Lamour, a Parisian French actress. Peter is a friend of Maria, also a Freudian psychiatrist, and Betsy, David’s mother lives in Cadaqués. Maria prepares a trip to spend some days with Betsy. David works at a computer company in Girona directed by a very talented young Indian, Usha. David has a great crisis with his partner, Daniel, a Mallorcan living in Barcelona. Albert is a famous British writer retired in Begur passing the mourning for the loss of his partner.” Gilda, a great actress who is half-Scottish and half-German, lives in Mallorca and is very close to Joan Laínez has a big party going on at her house everyday. Everyone worries about how the love story of David and Daniel, the young guys will end. The talented actors try to hide the plot by singing all the time but the songs are tedious and nothing anyone will ever remember.

The focus is on the relationship between two lovers, David  (Billy Cullum) and Daniel (Toni Valles) and their network of friends who wonder about the state of their romance.  It moves  between London and Barcelona and the involvement of two well-meaning Freudian psychiatrists who are no real match for David and his obsession with Grindr 

Maybe everything got lost in the translation, but it is more likely the fact that Pons has ‘borrowed’ too much from others for his cast to deal with and as bad as the songs are, we wish that they would just sing instead of attempting to act.

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