“Time Is The Thing A Body Moves Through”— Art and Love, Loss, Violence and Rejuvenation, Gender and Sexuality

Fleischmann, T. “Time Is The Thing A Body Moves Through”, Coffee House Press, 2019.

Art and Love, Loss, Violence and Rejuvenation, Gender and Sexuality

Amos Lassen

As a way to understand how our bodies affect how we feel about art and how art affects the relationship to our bodies, T Fleischmann looks at the artwork of Felix Gonzalez-Torres as a way to deal with issues of love and loss, violence and rejuvenation, gender and sexuality. The artworks act as “still points, sites for reflection situated in lived experience.”  Using serious engagement with clear prose and warm emotions, Fleischmann examines and enjoys the experiences and pleasures of art and the body, identity and community.

If you have ever wondered about the concept of becoming, this is the book for you.  Fleischmann disregards totally the limits of genre and gender and gives us a new  territory that is all ours and in our own language. The essay is unique and subversive
Bringing together personal narrative and art criticism in a poetically titled, genre-defying work, we explore power, desire, gender fluidity and subverting limitations Fleischmann shares wonderful words of wisdom along with miniature portraits of “friends and lovers in acts of generosity that are self-questioning but never self-doubting.” We thus gain the notion of a unified self.

Fleischmann refuses to resolve anything and instead levees us with questions to wonder about. There is so much here than I can cite but to do is to deprive the reader of a unique reading experience and I see my job is to let you know about important reads.

Fleischmann discusses their (the pronoun of choice) identity, their resistance to much of the firm language relating to queer identities in effective ways.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres, ice, and sex, one’s body and how or why to live and love all come together tenderly agilely  and smartly. This could very well become one of my books of the year.

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