“ALL YOU EVER WISHED FOR”— A Romantic Comedy


A Romantic Comedy

Amos Lassen

 Tyler Hutton (Darren Criss) is a young New York fashion executive whose business trip to Milan becomes very strange when he is kidnapped for ransom and taken to a remote Alpine village.  Neither he nor the men who kidnapped him know that the cottage where they spend the night is under a gypsy love spell.  Upon waking up the next morning and this meant that each of the men fall in love with the first living soul they see. Tyler becomes smitten by Rosalia (Madalina Ghenea), a beauty with a sharp tongue and reluctant heart.

Tyler Hutton came to Milan to manage a deal that can make him understand the importance and delicacy of the family business. Arriving in Italy, he is however abducted by 3 inept rogues who, in an attempt to obtain a huge sum as ransom, take him with them to a mountain refuge. The four end up in a small mountain community, where they suffer the effect of a mysterious spell, able to make the affected person fall in love with the first person that happens under the eyes. Thus Tyler ends up being enchanted by Rosalia (Madalina Ghenea), who runs a local inn.

This is essentially a fairy tale for children and is filled with childish humor. I doubt adults will enjoy this film. With a thin and linear plot and based on themes that have been used and reused over and over (the contrast between the rural environment and the city and/or love between people of the opposite social class), the film has not much going for it.

I really wanted to like this film but couldn’t because it is so weak. It just all seems so artificial with its embarrassing sketches and subplots.

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