“LOVE IN SUSPENDERS”— Love Has Its Own Rules


Love Has Its Own Rules


The encounter between two people with such different personalities, such
as Tammy and Beno, has to result in a nightmare…but love has its own rules. So it happens that Tammy (Nitza Saul), a 64 year old widow who constantly deals with the memory of her loving late husband, meets Beno (Yehuda Barken), a 70 year old sarcastic lone wolf widower – and the two fall in love.

From their first unfortunate encounter, when Tammy  hits Beno with her car until they unite in front of the altar, Tammy and Beno experience all sorts of emotional, funny struggles. They get closer, break up, get back together  and fight again, until ultimately their love wins out.

Shlomo Bar-Aba gives a heartwarming performance as Tammy’s late husband, who refuses to let her go in a cinematic tribute to Jorge Amado’s Vadinho in  “Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands”.


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