“Men of Mystery: Homoerotic Tales of Intrigue and Suspense”– Bold Stories

Merriwether, Sam and Greg Wharton, editors. ”Men of Mystery: Homoerotic Tales of Intrigue and Suspense”, The Haworth Press, 2007.

Bold Stories

Amos Lassen

We love mystery stories and many f us love erotica. Put the two together and you can imagine what we have. Sam Merriwether and Greg Wharton have assembled sixteen tales of erotic fiction which are erotic and original and every word is fun to read. The stories are steeped n surrealism—rich in wonderful description and adventures that sometimes stun the imagination and all deal with me who like men. Here is quality fiction with a naughty twist—an intriguing erotic edge. The stories are bold, daring and engaging and leave little to the imagination.

There is something about gay sex that seems dangerous. This is probably because of the fact that throughout history sex between men has been a punishable offense. Now as we are more accepted than ever before, it is only fair to wonder whether or not gay fiction is losing its eroticism. The fact that gay sex was considered dangerous made it that much more exciting but now that we have begun to move into the mainstream, I wonder if that ribald quality of gay literature will be lost. If “Men of Mystery” is an example of the writing going on today, I think that the erotic element will remain.

The sixteen selections presented here are replete with that old fashioned kind of erotic writing. We go down dark alleys and cul-de-sacs and we hunger for the passion that goes along with this type of sexual fiction. We have policemen who act as they choose emerging from their closets for a bit of man on man fun and those shifty and slimy criminals who tend to make us hunger for more. The members of the mob are also here as is the constant threat of death and there are ghosts who return to old haunts looking for sexual pleasure. And the macho men are here too with their sweaty, grimy, dirty bodies who are real men who get what they want.

Stories are by Simon Sheppard, Jeff Mann, Patrick Califa and thirteen others. Taken together the stories represent the highest form of erotic writing—stories with a message and a great deal of sex. It is lust that dominates this collection and we walk on the wild side as we read these stories. Nothing is left out, description is everywhere and the anthology is powerful. Some of the stories will haunt you for days afterwards and you may look behind you for a few weeks after you read this book. But eve with that, this is a fun read as we look into the dark and murky underground of men with men.

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