“HEY, BOO: HARPER LEE & ‘TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD’ “— A Look at a Beloved Book


A Look at a Beloved Book

Amos Lassen


My generation loves “To Kill a Mockingbird” and what is even more amazing is that as the times change, people continue to read it and love it. It is perhaps one of the most influential books ever written with over a million copies sold every year and it was responsible for an Academy Award film. Nelle Harper Lee gave us this treasure and this documentary looks at her and her book and we get answers to many questions and we understand why she never published another book.

There is a lot new—photos and letters and an interview with Lee’s sister that shows us even more about the atmosphere of America when the book was written.

Harper Lee went silent after the publication of her book and now we learn that while her book was written about the South, it was written in New York City. Because of the generosity of others, Lee was able to quit her job so she could write. Through her writing we are taken back to Alabama and see what inspired Lee and we learn even more about her friendship with Truman Capote. The two grew up together in Monroeville, Alabama. In fact, it is claimed that Dill in the novel was based upon Capote. The documentary also looks at the film version.


The film features Tom Brokaw, Rosanne Cash, Wally Lamb, Anna Quindlen, Richard Russo, Scott Turow, Oprah Winfrey, Andrew Young and others as they talk about the novel’s power, influence, and popularity, and the many different ways it has affected their lives.

The film is a total and beautiful tribute to Harper Lee and is one of those rare films that teach as it entertains.



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