“DOLL IT UP”— Time for a Change

“DOLL IT UP” Time for a Change Amos Lassen Gunther (Timothy Cox) has had Natalie, a sex doll, for three years but feels that their “relationship” is not what it once was and so he buys a new doll, Dorri, that he not only loves but with whom he feels complete and that there is true love between the two of them. But Gunther is also a realist who knows that true love never lasts. When he learns that he was cheated on by the young wife, he wants the old wife back but soon sees that he lost them both.
Director Yalan Hu’s short comedy opens with Gunther celebrating his third anniversary with Natalie while realizing that he is no longer as happy with her as he once was. He decides to break up with her and quickly finds Dorri but he also faces the question of what true love is.  
I did not for a moment that Gunther’s “wives” were sex dolls which automatically moves this film into fantasy yet Timothy Cox is very human and very convincing as a husband. This provides for wonderful humor yet we know that there is something deeper here. Through dark comedy we look at modern changes in sexuality, fidelity, and relationship through satire that jokes about men who trade up their partners. It all happens over a very short period of time and I was reminded of how it was when I was growing up and it was traditional among my parents friends that every two years, they traded cars. It was like once the novelty wore off, it was time to move on.
In essence, this is a monologue with Gunther being the only real character and I could not help but wonder if that was saying something about there being no good roles for women. In fact, the lack of female actors says something about the way women are regarded. When Gunther speaks to his wife, he is actually talking to himself and we watch as Gunther becomes disenchanted with her and because she has become so familiar, he decides to replace her with a fresher and newer model. However, as the movie movies forward (all 6½ minutes), the sex dolls seem to develop minds. We also realize that Gunther we realize that Gunther is representative of others like him. What does this say about men in today’s world and what about the way they treat women? (Cox turns in his usual excellent performance and more important is that we are left with something to think about).

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