“Catholics and the Jew Taboo” by James E. Michael— “It’s Time to Drop the Jew Taboo”

Jones. E. Michael. “Catholics and the Jew Taboo”, Self-published, 2018. “It’s Time to Drop the Jew Taboo” Amos Lassen Over the last 50 years, the Catholic Church has lost every single battle in the culture wars. These battles include the breaking of the Production Code in 1965 to the Irish abortion referendum of 2018. Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia in a recent speech, identified the enemies of the moral and social order as “secularizing activists.” The time has come for a different approach that includes breaking the Jew Taboo (and I can now have Catholic friends). Writer E. MichaelJones makes the critical point that weaponized euphemisms, as he refers to them (“Dynamic Silence’, the Lie of Omission”) have crippled the ability of the Church to deal with Jewish issues that directly affect the operations of the Church, and most importantly, not being able to define the category of ‘Jewish attacks’ on the Church makes it impossible for people to understand what the conflict is really about. Identity politics are deliberately used as a tactic to implicate everyone when they say ‘white people’ did this or ‘black people’ did that.  Do we ever know who ‘they’ are? The moment that we label someone with race, etc., honesty is gone and nothing can be discerned or dealt with intelligibly or honestly.  Americans cannot navigate through this because they have been blinded by their government through the abuse and weapon of the CIA-media. This is a quick read on what Jones sees as the biggest challenge for the church and while it is interesting, it is also garbage. Jones claims that  the reasons why the Catholic Church has been crippled since the mid-1960s… (did I miss the end of that sentence? I do not think the sentence was ever finished).  He further says that “our culture has been under attack for a long time. Until we know who our enemies are and why they do what they do, we are destined for the dust heap of history.” I want to add this book to that very same dust heap. I am sure that there is some meaning her but I cannot find it.

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