“The Rainbow Bridge Motel”

Dean and Darren

Amos Lassen

Dean (Chris Modrzynski) and Darren (Cole Burden) have reserved their dream wedding package in Niagara Falls at the Rainbow Bridge Motel, a self-proclaimed number one “gay wedding destination.” However, they learn that they have  booked themselves in a seedy motel sandwiched between chemical plants and run by some not too sane guy named Shibbawitz (Scott Rubin). It seems that Shibbawitz has recently renamed the motel to ride the trend of Niagara Falls becoming a gay wedding destination, but he has no idea of how to cater to the LGBTQ community, much less perform a wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, the Burmese political refugee family that he employs to help him know even less. It seems that there is going to be a disastrous ceremony, but it actually pales in comparison to the heightened cultural and emotional obstacles stirred up by the approaching nuptials.

The cast includes Wilson Heredia, Tony Award Winner for Best Actor in Rent,  Diane Gaidry,  star of lesbian indie, “Loving Annabelle”, and famed Real World star Ruthie Alcaide who is one of the very first women ever to publicly come out while on television. This is a film that  a movie that blurs the lines between Gay & Straight entertainment and which both worlds could find funny.

The film is about the budding nuptials of Dean & Darren, an Arizona couple, heading off to their dream wedding in Niagara Falls at the Rainbow Bridge Motel. They are shocked to discover they’ve booked themselves in a run-down, motor lodge sandwiched between two chemical plants run by some crazy guy and a Burmese refugee family that helps him. 

 They also face huge challenges of a same-sex wedding — uncertain wedding protocols, disapproving relatives, religious barriers, secret lives resurfacing and so on. This, I understand, is the first film to ever shoot on the iconic Rainbow Bridge.  The film features great performances including Hollywood vet & 90’s Miramax Films’ fixture, Mel Gorham, who delivers a brilliant performance as Fran, Darren’s religiously challenged, unsupportive Mom.  Scott Rudin and J. Garrett Vorreuter co-directed.

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