“MASTER”— A Jewel of the Nation


A “Jewel of the Nation”

Amos Lassen

Dastan Khalili’s “Master” is the story of Zhou Ting Jue, the man who is Hollywood’s King Fu Master. He trains and heals celebrities with his controversial Qi Gong technique. His clients include Robert Downey, Jr., John Cusack, Robert Horry and the Dalai Lama. His mystical powers have made him famous even though his past remains a mystery. Even his 27-year-old granddaughter, Jun Zhou does not know of it. Khalili explores Qi Gong and as he does he realizes that it is a very recognized aspect of Chinese medicine. He was anxious to learn more about the man who had all of the wonderful stories he had heard. Master Zhou has his critics and his skeptics and Khalili takes those into account as well. In investigating the man we find ourselves on a journey that takes us Chinatown in San Francisco where Zhou was once a poor immigrant to Shanghai where he learned and mastered martial arts and was even taken to prison by the Chinese government. We go to Wu Dang Mountain the place of birth of Qi Gong and to the rural village where Zhou was born and we learn of his life lessons and mental strengths. Zhou was introduced to Qi Gong at a very early age when he was quite ill. His uncle came to visit and taught him the healing powers of the method and it was at this point that Zhou became passionate about it. When his family moved to Shanghai and Zhou saw the practice and culture of Qi Gong, he became eager to learn. His uncle introduced him to the Chinese Kung Fu association in Shanghai. We see his success stories and by and large learn a great deal about Zhou and about Qi Gong. Rather than summarizing the entire plot, I urge you to see this film. It reveals the life lessons and mental strength required to become a Kung Fu master.

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