Tom of Finland Foundation presents Diary of a Puerto Rican Porno Book Signing and The Classic Porn of Phil St. John

Tom of Finland Foundation presents Diary of a Puerto Rican Porno Book Signing and

The Classic Porn of Phil St. John

Documentary Feature Screening Sunday, September 23, 2018 5-9PM

at Tom of Finland Foundation

1421 Laveta Terrace

Los Angeles, CA 90026 (Echo Park)

The only fellow of The American Film Institute ever inducted into The Gay Porn Hall of Fame, Phil St. John, presents a double header on September 23rd at the Tom of Finland Foundation with his book signing of Diary of a Puerto Rican Porno followed by the world premiere of his documentary feature film The Classic Porn of Phil St. John that chronicles St. John’s legendary 25 years directing porn all over the world.

“Breathlessly paced, colorful, and just a little scary, the book tells us the almost hallucinatory insanity of making porn. And it’s real.” -Christopher Harrity, The Advocate Magazine

Diary of a Puerto Rican Porno is an action-adventure, sexually outrageous filmmaking odyssey. St. John takes his boyfriend and a porn star bottom to the land of the “big tops” to make Foreskin Island and Return to Foreskin Island, two tropical dick movies shot back-to-back in the jungles near San Juan. The moviemaking is fraught with knife fights, sexual intrigue, nervous breakdowns, tropical depressions, secret marijuana smuggling, and true cinematic, pornographic love. We wonder when it’ll make its way onto websites similar to fuckedgay.

Tom of Finland Foundation’s TOM House at 1421 Laveta Terrace, Los Angeles, CA 90026, will host a book signing and film screening event. Phil St. John will autograph copies of Diary of a Puerto Rican Porno and show a 70- minute edit of his film, The Classic Porn of Phil St. John. Also on display will be framed photographic prints from some of St. John’s movies. A donation of $5 is suggested.

Book Signing/Film Premiere Event Page:

Diary of a Puerto Rican Porno is available in the Tom of Finland store:, on and at bookstores, like Circus of Books.


“Phil St. John has stripped the pornmaking experience bare, so to speak, and in Puerto Rico no less. But it’swhat’s not on camera that truly titillates in this madcap adventure of a scrappy little crew filming on the fly asthey dodge drug dealers, thugs, cops, STDs, mosquitoes and even heterosexual romance in addition to all the gaylove tenting one pair of shorts after another. And let’s not forget the difficult and impudent models and the crew’sown unstable personalities, all of which require drugs, alcohol, bribes, and lots of ad hoc psychotherapy, not tomention quite a bit of creativity. And then to top it all off, there’s young godlike Duro, who’s poised to wreck St.John’s heart if he doesn’t wreck another part of his body first!” – Trebor Healey, Lambda Literary Award winner and author of Sweet Son of Pan and Faun

“Phil St. John’s first novella gives us a glimpse of what happens, not just on the other side of the camera, but before it is set up. A great story of creativity, commerce, conquests, and capturing sex on film.” – Steven Reigns, author of Inheritance and editor of 3-Pack Jack

“In a voice that is alternately flippant, funny, compassionate, and wise, St. John takes the reader on a one-of-a-kind adventure in guerrilla filmmaking where the thrills of lust and danger run neck and neck. – Aaron Tilford, editor-in-chief, Spunk

Author / Director

“Phil St. John,“ a nom de porn, acted in gay adult movies while attending film school in San Francisco. Later, in Manhattan’s East Village, he read scripts for United Artists by day while making porn loops that might of been taken from websites similar to for the Mob’s Times Square peep shows at night. St. John’s first blockbuster Getting It, was distributed by Falcon Films. In 2009, St. John became the first fellow of the American Film Institute ever inducted into the Gay Porn Hall of Fame. Phil Tarley aka Phil St. John is a member of the Photographic Arts Council and an artist member of the Los Angeles Art Association. He curates exhibitions in Los Angeles and writes about contemporary art. His writing and photography have also appeared in the LA Times, the LA Weekly, The WOW Report and American Photo Magazine. Tarley’s collection of queer political-ethnographic video is housed in the permanent archives of the New York Public Library and has screened in film festivals and venues including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

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