“THREESOMETHING”— When Three Is Not a Crowd


When Three is Not a Crowd

Amos Lassen

It is good to laugh about sex every now and then and, in effect, we all do so (just not publicly). What could be a great humorous premise for a film then three friends having sex together? First we meet Charlie and Isaac who are best friends yet want to take that friendship to a new level. It is not so difficult to imagine what that level and I understand that between best friends, everything goes… or does it? Everything has changed so quickly regarding sex that there seem to be no taboos left (with the exception of passing gas loudly at a charity function. They will not remember your donation to the charity but you can bet your life that your tootin’ will not be forgotten.

Charlie (Sam Sonenshine) and Isaac (James Morosini) invite Charlie’s friend Zoe (Isabelle Chester) over for dinner and explain that what they really want is for her to join them in a threesome. She is stunned at first but she soon becomes intrigued with the idea. (After all, it is an interesting alternative to desert). Zoe agrees but then cannot decide whether she is only interested in the physical or is looking for love. As you can imagine, this is a comedy yet it gives us things to think about. What we know about sex, intimacy and friendship has certainly changed since our parents were dating and how we got to know each other. Did Zoe and the guys not think that this could get a little weird?

Zoe is a free spirit, a cosmic bohemian wild woman, if you will, who is living in a glass tree house and actually just trying to get herself together. Zoe and Isaac fall in love, fast and hard while Charlie has a crisis of masculinity. It seems to me that our three characters are looking for something that is out of reach and are trying to understand what is best for them. There is a great ending coming which I will not share but if comes only after self-searching and examination. There are some risqué moments here and even though our two male leads play straight men, there is a good deal of homo eroticism, as we might expect. The two guys are good looking and make nice eye candy in various states of undress.

Check back with me in a couple of weeks, all of my opinions could very likely change.

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