“Sweet and Low: Stories” by Nick White— Maculinity, Identity and Place

White, Nick. “Sweet and Low: Stories”, Blue Rider, 2018

Masculinity, Identity, and Place

Amos Lassen

The characters in Nick White’s story collection “Sweet and Low” are trying to figure what is the next step in life and that makes them just like us and certainly identifiable. They are all trying to figure out their next steps. These are all different kinds of people—widows, ex-lovers, teenagers and disillusioned yet all struggle with questions and decisions that will ultimately impact their lives. I found it hard not to like a book in which you realize you are reading about yourself.

White’s stories are beautifully written and beautifully compelling. White is quite a storyteller. We have both random stories and those that are lined and follow Forney Culpepper from boyhood to adulthood. I am not going to summarize all of them but I will share with you about a few. “The Lovers” is about a widow who is dealing with life without her husband and his lover who wants something back that he gave his man before he died. In “The Exaggerations”, we read about a young guy who lives with his aunt and uncle and is just entering the world of what adults do. A high school senior has to deal with a scandal in the family while at the same time cannot stop thinking of his school’s coach. This is the story of “Lady Tigers”.

The Forney Culpepper stories are built around the character of Culpepper (duh) and I really enjoyed those and am ready for more. In fact I am ready for more Nick White. It is his prose style more than the stories that kept me reading. It might also be that since I am originally from the south and educated there that these stories pulled me in. There is a grand touch of the moonlight and magnolias that we find in Southern literature here. On the other hand, these stories are deconstructed versions of Southern literature as we see via the flaws of the characters. One cannot anticipate what will happen in the stories and that adds to the great fun of reading them. With characters that are searching for who they are, you cannot go wrong by reading this collection. In fact, it is more of an experience than a read.

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