A Personal Look at Kevyn Aucoin

Amos Lassen

I remember being at some kind of LGBT meeting in Lafayette, Louisiana years ago and meeting Kevyn Aucoin’s parents. They were very proud of their son who was the talented gay man who was responsible for putting make-up the conic faces of the fashion industry. In this wonderful new, we get a personal look at the life of legendary makeup artist Aucoin and learned that he survived childhood abandonment and bullying in the Deep South to become one of international fashion’s most sought-after style people. Decades before the iPhone and the selfie, Aucoin was constantly documented himself (and his clients) with a video camera giving us a picture of brilliant yet tormented artist.

The documentary features interviews with many of the women he worked with as well as with the woman who gave Kevyn up for adoption. We come to see Aucoin as a man who spent a lifetime looking for love and who never realized that it surrounded him.

He struggled to get out of rural Louisiana and when he did he became the most sought after makeup artist of his time. We have here never-before-seen archive footage of some of the most iconic moments in fashion history and they were captured by Aucoin himself throughout his life and career. Putting these together with intimate and uncensored moments with personalities from the world of fashion and pop, we get a look at culture in the 1980s and 1990s.

In the 1980s, Aucoin rose from nothing to become the most sought after fashion and celebrity makeup artist ever. He was a key creative player in the pop culture storm that became the supermodel era of the 1990s. Soon afterwards, celebrities began to seek him out and he was confidante and friend of A-listers in music and film. In fact, he was something of a celebrity himself, having written three best-selling books, appearances on Oprah and his own line of makeup. He used his celebrity status to fight for gay rights and acceptance. Aucoin died in 2002 at the young age of 40.

The new footage takes us behind the scenes of his life and is filled with h the celebrated photographers, models and actresses of the era. There are also many beautiful and poignant personal moments that help tell the story of Kevyn’s extraordinary life. This is Kevyn via Kevyn. However, we see, that his great gift almost did not come to be because of the persecution of gay people in hissouthern hometown. Aucoin fought the facts about his adoption as well as undiagnosedrare disease that took his life at such a young age. . The film shows us someone who was able to achieve all of his dreams and help create so much beauty struggled to see the beauty within himself. More than anything he wanted to be loved never realizing the love that surrounded him.

There are amazing interviews with Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Amber Valetta, Andie MacDowell, Paulina Porizkova, Lorraine Pascale and candid conversations with colleagues, family, friends and lovers. We are taken back to a time when supermodels ruled and Aucoin was an integral part of that world.

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