“Finding Mr. Wright”

Can We Talk?

Amos Lassen

I know that I have the reputation for giving good reviews and there IS a method to my madness. We all need to be encouraged and I have learned from my many years in academia that a pat on the back goes a good deal further than a chewing out. Now get ready because this review is going to be a total rave.

I watch many LGBT films every week and some are good, others are not so good and once in a while there is one that is a total bomb. “Finding Mr. Wright” has to be good—it has a wonderful cast, dynamic direction and a totally literate plot. First of all, let’s talk about Matthew Montgomery. I have watched him since “Gone but Not Forgotten” which came out in 2002 and he has matured into a sensitive dynamic actor. In “Finding”, he shows us that he is, indeed, a good actor and a star.

In this film, Montgomery is Clark Townsend who, like the actor himself, is on his way to the top. His career is booming, he is a hot guy and he is finally able to buy his own condo. His first client, Eddy Malone (Rebekah Cochan), has talent but she is a bit strange yet Clark lands her a job and turns her into the talk of Tinsel town and one of the most sought after actresses. To celebrate the anniversary of friends, Clark throws a party at his new place and the guest list looks like something like an assortment of colored t-shirts—all different and all fashionable. There is TJ (Rasool J’Han), Eddy’s agent who is known for his all encompassing care and renowned by many; a Black Lesbian, the kind of woman you do not want to tangle with who and who quickly becomes more and more upset that Eddy is so wild; Pearce Wright (David Moretti), a good friend of TJ’s came with him and immediately falls in lust with Clark but Clark is so involved with Eddy’s career that he does not even realize it. Then lo and behold, Eddy comes up with a wild stunt that almost costs her her career and her manager. Pearce tells TJ that he will take care of Eddy if TJ will give her a second change and Pearce is eager to tell Clark (and thereby catch his attention). He then comes up with the idea of all going away together for a weekend.

They go to a wilderness retreat to give Eddy a new perspective on life. Clark invited his friend and ex-lover Cooper (Edward Gust) to come with them. Goldie (Keye Chen), Clark’s assistant and a drag queen also joined them and he brought Gage (Evan Miller) and a porn star that he wants to introduce Clark to. So we have quite a menagerie for the weekend. They go to a cabin in the Angeles Forest with Pearce hoping that something will develop between Clark and himself. However, as you can well imagine, nothing went as it should. Pearce finds that Cooper is interested in him, Eddy hits the bottle and Clark tries to take care of her. More interesting is that Clark becomes jealous because of the attention Pearce gets from Cooper and he suddenly sees Pearce as someone special and decides to go for him. Jason Stuart as Phillip makes a cameo appearance.

This is a much longer summary than I usually give and the reason for that is when a director has so many people interacting, things can get out of hand. Nancy Criss handles the whole thing with great skill and she has directed the entire film beautifully. It is so easy to see how it could have run away from her. I want to give a special shout out to David Moretti who not looks great but does a really fine job and to Rebecca Cochan who plays her part to perfection.

I believe that is a film that will capture the hearts of our community. It highlights talented actors showing what they can do, wonderful cinematography and a story that captures the viewer from the first frame. It is about time that we have such a stylish comedy.

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    This review is based upon the online screener I was lucky enough to watch last night. I have more to say about the film so stay tuned.


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