“Freelancers Anonymous”

Her Own Thing

Amos Lassen

Billie (Lisa Cordileone) hates her office job and the only reason she stays at it is because she and girlfriend, Gayle (Natasha Negovanlis) are getting married soon. Then her boss decides to overload her while cutting her hours and benefits so she quits. She is determined to find something better.

As she searches, she meets a group of women who hang around a church hall every day on the pretext of networking for freelance work and Billie think that this is what she s looking for. She convinces the women to pool their talents and create an app that would link prospective employers up with freelance workers.  Billie knows that the idea is not new but sees the value in it.

Gayle stays busy working online to promote her own “Life Is A Cabernet’ wine. She also records audiotapes of soft porn novels. Even though the girls have very little money, Gayle has hired a wedding planner who is arranging a very expensive wedding.

Billie pretends that the new start-up company is paying her a salary but she is actually living off of the funds that by one of the girls gave her for a launch party of the app.  Then when this is discovered, Billie manages to persuade the other girls to continue with the project and suggests saving money, the launch will be at the church Hall on the very same day of her wedding.  All she has to do is keep this from Gayle’s and spend her wedding day running between her marriage ceremony and the investors meeting for the app.

 Spanish Filmmaker Sonia Sebastián has brought together a very fine cast with lots of talent. There are some very good laughs but unfortunately there are too many clichéd stereotypes and a contrived plot. I imagine that it will have an audience.

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