“Living Out Loud:An Introduction to LGBTQ History, Society, and Culture” edited by Michael J. Murphy and Brytton Bjorngaard— A Good Foundation Text

Murphy, Michael J. and Brytton Bjorngaard, editors. “Living Out Loud:An Introduction to LGBTQ History, Society, and Culture”, Routledge, 2018.

A Good Foundation Text

Amos Lassen

“Living Out Loud: An Introduction to LGBTQ History, Society, and Culture” is an excellent evidence-based foundation in the interdisciplinary field of LGBTQ Studies. Chapters on history, diversity, dating/relationships, education, sexual health, and globalization reflect current research and thinking in the social sciences, humanities, and sciences. It includes coverage of current events and recommendations for additional readings, videos, and web resources help students apply the contents in their lives.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Out of the Past: Histories, by Christianne Gadd

Chapter Two: Same/Difference: Diversities, by Michael J. Murphy

Chapter Three: Getting It On: Sexual Behavior & Sexual Health, by Michael J. Murphy

Chapter Four: Together, Forever?: Relationships,by Christine Smith and Joel Muraco

Chapter Five: Reading, Writing, Queering: Education, by Elizabeth Dinkins and Patrick Englert

Chapter Six: We’re Here! We’re Queer!: Power, Politics, & Activism, by George Waller

Chapter Seven: Pop Out!: Mass Media & Popular Culture, by Byron Lee

Chapter Eight: Signifying Queerness: Literature & Visual Arts, by Susan K. Thomas and William J. Simmons

Chapter Nine: Getting Around: Globalization & Transnationalism, by Evan Litwack

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