“MARCHING GAILY”— Two Parades, Same Day, Same Time, Same Place

“Marching Gaily”

Two Parades, Same Day, Same Time, Same Place

Amos Lassen

I was just lucky enough to be sent a wonderful four-minute video that you can now watch on Amazon Prime.

“Summer 1999, in the center of Vienna: two very distinct parades took place simultaneously on the same street. One was a policemen’s parade; the other a celebration of gay pride. Because the policemen didn’t want to march hand in hand with the Gay Movement, a typical Austrian solution was found: while the gays marched clockwise, the policemen marched counter-clockwise.”

About the directors:
Alexander Hahn: Born in 1967, in Riga/Latvia (German Citizen). Film director. Studied at the National Film Academy Vienna. Lives and works in Riga and Vienna. His first feature film “Far Away From St. Petersburg” received 1993 the Gold Special Jury Award at the Houston Int. Film Festival and was shown at the AFI Film Festival in Los Angeles.
Ralf Jacobs: born in germany (1969) grown up in Austria studied at the University of Music and Arts, Vienna, Department Film and Telvision, editing and cinematography (1993-1999). Master DoP-Class with Gordon Willis 1998 in USA graduated in cinematography 1999: Master of Fine Arts, diploma with honors; works since 1999 in Vienna,Austria, as director and cinematographer.

Message from the directors:
Unfortunately we can`t come to your festival, because the department of our goverment, which decides to pay flights to festivals, says: this films is not good enough. Although “Marching Gaily” has now been shown at more than 20 festivals all over Europe and has been selected by the British Film Institute for a regular theatrical run in England, the film has never been allowed to screen in Austria. In 1999 we shot the footage of this film for a feature-length documentary about Austria. In the year 2000 the political situation in Austria changed: The two right wing parties came to power (ÖVP and FPÖ, the party lead by infamous right-wing populist Jörg Haider). As a protest against this new government, several Austrian directors decided to make films expressing their disapproval. Our Idea was to take the 1999 raw footage, and create an entirely new film out of this material, commenting the new political situation we were encountering. Alexander Hahn and Ralf J


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