“THE WONDER YEARS”: The Complete Series— Growing Up in the 60s and Early 70s

“The Wonder Years”: The Complete Series

Growing Up in the 60s and Early 70s

Amos Lassen

For six seasons, “The Wonder Years” captured the angst of growing up in suburban middle-class America in the late ’60s, as seen through the life and times of Kevin Arnold. From his first kiss with Winnie Cooper to his friendship with Paul Pfeiffer and the ups and downs of the Arnold family, watchers shared in laughter, love, and loss, but above all, wonder. Each episode of the show includes cultural events and music and through it all, Kevin gets by with a little help from his friends Winnie and Paul.

Until I received the complete series, I had never seen the show before since I was living in Israel during that period. I have now watched mot of it and although I am a but older than the characters, I am amazed at the similarities in the way I grew up,

Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage), a sixth grader at Kennedy Junior High School who tries valiantly to reduce his teenage angst while dealing with older brother Wayne (Jason Hervey), rebellious sister Karen (Olivia d’Abo), workaholic father Jack (Dan Lauria), and housewife mom Norma (Alley Mills). Regular characters on the show are Kevin’s best friend, Paul (Josh Saviano), and potential love interest girl-next-door Winnie Cooper (Danica McKellar). Daniel Stern provides off-screen narration as an older, wittier Kevin.

“The Wonder Years” is a combination of sentiment, nostalgia, and top-notch writing. For those who grew up then, the show is a beautiful recreation of the era, as seen through the eyes of a child gradually taking on the responsibilities of adulthood, with all the trials and tribulations that entails. Kevin and his friends are placed in coming-of-age situations against the background of actual historical events.

The set contains over 300 classic period songs as they were used in the original broadcasts, by such artists as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, The Byrds, Simon & Garfunkel, Aretha Franklin, and James Taylor, and Joe Cocker’s theme for the show.

This box set of 22 DVDs contains all 115 episodes from the program’s six seasons, which aired from 1988 to 1993. Also included is a booklet with complete show notes with episode synopses, cast member reflections, “Current Events,” and more.

Bonus Content includes nearly 12 hours of material, including:

  • Highlights from the first cast reunion in 16 years
  • Roundtable discussions with Danica McKellar, Fred Savage, and Josh Saviano
  • 6 newly produced featurettes
  • Farewell set tour
  • One-hour ABC broadcast of the series finale
  • Exclusive interviews with the show’s creators and cast including Fred Savage, Danica McKellar, Josh Saviano, Alley Mills, Dan Lauria, Olivia d’Abo, Jason Hervey, and more!

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