“An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Playground”

A Throwback to the 60s

Amos Lassen

“An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Playground” is a throwback to the old Twilight Zone” programs of the1960s. It is the story of Sid Kottler, a retired theremin player who has been living alone in his over-sized home for the past 13 years. His severe case of anthropophobia does not allow him to have company or even any human discourse. Then one morning, he wakes up with an unforgettable character he recognizes from a very recent encounter of sorts and he senses that he may not be alone anymore. He just might play party host to an ensemble of friends.

Here is an example of a film that entertains and is well constructed with a fine cast that gives good performances set against a lovely soundtrack and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by these qualities in a small film. Because of the nature of the plot, I cannot share much with you for to do so would ruin the viewing experience.

We are reminded of the golden age of television by the style of the film. I would never have known of this film if Armand Petri and Together Magic Films. had not sent me notice of it and I must say I enjoyed every moment but since I cannot share more about the plot, I will just add a few shots from the film. You can see the film on Amazon and Amazon UK.

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