“Look for Me” by Lisa Gardner— Families and Facts

Garner, Lisa. “Look for Me”, Dutton, 2018.

Families and Fates

Amos Lassen

Four members of one Boston family were savagely murdered and a fifth member of the family, sixteen year old Roxanna Baez is missing. No one knows if she was unable to escape or was kidnapped or even if she is responsible for the murders. Detective D. Warren is on the case as is survivor-turned-avenger Flora Dane, a “self-proclaimed victim-turned-vigilante”. The two seek different types of justice and they both must make sense of the clues left behind. Even though their alliance is strained, they know that they must work together.

If you enjoy reading suspense than this is the book for you. From the very first page, this is a thriller. Gardner shines a heartbreaking light on foster care and the twists and turns keep you reading and turning pages. We also get two unforgettable characters in the two strong women working on the case. Because this is a thriller, it is difficult to review without giving something away. Writer Garner deals with difficult issues here that include alcoholism, addiction and abuse. Roxanna is a character who is damaged by the system and wants to find the perfect family and she is very, very angry.

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