“Jesus Meets The Gay Man”

A Documentary

Amos Lassen

“Jesus Meets the Gay Man” is a film that was made to look at what Jesus would have said or done if he had met a gay person and attempts to bring the Christian and LGBT communities together through the use of humor and critical thinking as we look at whether forgiveness on both sides can happen. In the style of Monty Python, we see sketches that aim at reconciliation, forgiveness and renewal in which we see a different Jesus “while at the same time convincing you to work on your abs!”

This is a documentary unlike any you have seen and it gives us a new understanding about religion and homosexuality. Most of us, regardless of sexuality are searching for some kind of peace in life of us and we know that this peace is not only for the Christian straight person. Here is a film that will break down closets and air them out. There is no doubt that this is a controversial topic yet it would be more controversial not to deal with it at all. The film challenges us to search our hearts to find the truth.

Since I have yet to see the film, I can only tell you about what I have heard but rest assured that as soon as I see it will further add to this. The film is about a hockey-loving young man who lives in Timmins Ontario in the 80’s.  He tells his story his story to his friend, a fellow Writer and director, Timothy F H Doucette, a straight guy who loves Jesus as they reflect on some of their lives. Both men take off on a journey with a camera crew on the hunt of what Jesus would say to a gay man. They explore the issues from both the gay positive side and the Christian side as they pursue reconciliation, forgiveness and renewal. 

Bonus features include deleted scenes, over two hours of additional interview footage, and more.

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