A Comedy

Amos Lassen

While I take reviewing very seriously, sometimes I need a break from watching movies seriously and try to enjoy a form for what it is— a form of entertainment. That is why I took the recommendation of a Facebook friend to have a look at “Strapped for Danger”. It is all about three male strippers (Anthony Gaudette, Diego Guevara, Dan Mauro) who manage to pull off an almost-perfect heist but then “find themselves being tracked down by a completely unhinged, homophobic cop (Anna Rizzo).”

They hide in a fraternity house during Hell Week and they get into much more trouble than when they were trying to escape.

There is nothing to think about here as this is a simple little comedy that is well made and has plenty of laughs. I laughed all the way through and this is the way to make a low budget film that has no goal but to entertain. You can find it online so take a break from the holidays and watch it.

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