“Mink Eyes” by Max McBride— Duty, Fatherhood, Friendship and Love

McBride, Max. “Mink Eyes”, Arjuna, 2017.

Duty, Fatherhood, Friendship and Love

Amos Lassen

In “Mink Eyes”, author Max McBride gives us a look at both “the formal and informal workings of our legal system and the schemes and scams germinating in the underbelly of the business world”.

Our story begins in October 1986 when we meet Private detective Peter O’Keefe a man who is physically scarred and emotionally torn Vietnam vet. His best friend, ace attorney Mike Harrigan hires O’Keefe to investigate a mink farm Ponzi scheme in the Missouri Ozarks. Soon, O’Keefe finds himself in a web of money laundering, cocaine smuggling, and murder all under the hands of a–woven by a mysterious mobster who we come to know as known as “Mr. Canada.” Tag Parker, a beautiful woman, is also involved in all of this but she also becomes the object of O’Keefe’s dreams and nightmares.

Yes, this is a detective story about “murder, addiction, obsession, sex, and redemption” and we see these through the themes of duty, fatherhood, friendship and love. Peter O’Keefe is a reluctant hero who struggles every day to choose in favor of life over death.

I cannot say much about the plot because to do would ruin a wonderful read. The story is propelled by its larger than life characters and it moves rapidly. Be prepared to clear you day before you start to read because one you do, it is hard to walk away from this book.


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