“Final Stop, Algiers: A Thriller” by Mishka Ben-David— Duty/Love

Ben-David, Mishka. “Final Stop, Algiers: A Thriller”, translated by Ronnie Hope, The Overlook Press, 2017.


Amos Lassen

When a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv violently and completely disrupts his life, Mickey Simhoni changes his plans from becoming an artist and instead allows himself to be recruited into the Mossad. Slowly, he learns how to become a spy and build a cover so that he can pretend to be someone else— a man he resembles and who is presumed to be dead. This takes him to Toronto where he meets Niki, a ex-girlfriend from some ten years earlier. He is torn between loyalty to the Mossad and his reignited love for Niki.

Simhoni first met Niki after his discharge from the Israel Defense Forces while he was on vacation in Japan.   They had a short romance but before anything could happen Mickey left for Tel Aviv to take up his normal life. Back home in Israel. He fell in love with a girl who was then killed in a suicide bombing. This horrific loss made him feel to an invitation to join the Mossad.

He was sent on complex missions and by accident he met up with Niki for the second time. The romance is rekindled and Niki became a part of Mickey’s Mossad team so that she could be with him again. Mickey was forced to face the challenges of his job with the added problem of what is more important to him; his love or success as a Mossad agent with the necessity of killing others in order to complete an assignment.

Author Ben-David is a former Mossad officer and shares training required and the dangers that operatives face in the field. We also read about Mickey’s own family of Holocaust survivors.

Mickey is dedicated to his country and carries out his missions with Niki as a willing ally and we get quite a story.

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