“Tarantella+ by Scot O’Hara— Family

O’Hara, Scott. “Tarantella”, Old Boy Books, 2017.


Amos Lassen

Anthony tries very hard to understand the meaning of family especially with regards to his own. His father is a hard man and his mother is very much like his dad in that respect. She is totally supportive of her husband. Antony’s brother Paddy is rarely around and Rosalia, his sister supports him when she is not angry about whatever. Anthony and his lover Steven are having relationship problems and it is near its end. The only person Anthony can really talk to is his grandmother, Doughna Mira who loves him unconditionally and who seems to be always read to give him advice. We get to know Anthony by reading about his life by flashing back to his past and observing his present.

We are with Anthony on his personal journey as he tries to understand himself and his family. His life is like a dance and many of us have experienced what he experiences here. We travel through time and place with him and see his dysfunctional world. Writer Scot O’Hara has written beautiful descriptions and has created an unforgettable character in Anthony. He tries so very hard to win the love of his homophobic parents and he realizes that Steven is using him for financial comfort and little else.



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