“ALPHA DELTA ZATAN”— A Fraternity House Slasher Film


A Fraternity House Slasher Film

Amos Lassen

We do not get many gay slasher films and when we do, I tend to be somewhat critical. I have had to put my criticism aside for this film because it has been obscured by a good-looking cast with fantastic bodies.

Directors Armand Petri and Art Arutyunyan begin his film which is closed in beautiful neon light with a good looking and beautifully frat boy as he enters the shower and who is taken down by a slasher in spandex and a mask. From that point on the film is filled with homoerotic horror.

The set for the entire film is a fraternity house where members lounge in minimal dress and look good as they flirt with one another. However these flirtations never bear fruit and while this looks like a very gay adventure, we never real hear or see any gay action. We do, however, see many nude asses as each guy drops his towel before showering. However, the gore takes place off-screen (but it gets repetitious) and I found the only scene that really shook me up was the first one.

This is a very serious attempt to add to the genre of gay horror film but it is a bit too serious in that there is virtually no humor in it at all. I see a lot of potential here and hope that there will be more in films to come from these directors. I did enjoy my time with the good-looking men as I wondered why none of my fraternity brothers looked anything like what we see here.

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