“FAMILIES LIKE YOURS”— Becoming Parents


“Families Like Yours”

Becoming Parents

Amos Lassen

Six different LGBTQ families are the focus of “Families Like Yours”, a new documentary by Argentineans filmmakers Rodolfo Moro and Marcos Duszczak. We meet Patrick and Juan Luque Duffy whose surrogate gave birth to triplets to add that they are raising along side their son. Actor Denis O’Hare and his husband Hugo Redwood faced a lot of homophobia and bureaucracy before the got their son. Trans man Aspen Hawke and his wife Mandy both work with LGBT youth and they adopted ended up adopting two teenage lesbians who had really been abused by their biological families and then by their foster homes. Erwynn and Will Umali Behrens were married to women when they first met and both were already parents and their ex-wives have not had a easy time with the way things turned out.

Chris Crespo’s wife Jane Switzer was told by her doctor that she needed to hurry if she wanted to give birth and with the help of a sperm donor she indeed gave birth to triplets.

All of the stories are moving and inspiring and we really see the new family as it exists.

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