“The Vampire’s Protégé” by Damian Serbu— Playing the Game

Serbu, Damian. “The Vampire’s Protégé”, Nine Star Press, 2017.

Playing the Game

Amos Lassen

It has been a long time since I have heard from Damian Serbu and the odd thing here is that I just getting ready to drop him a note when I got one from him telling me that he has a new book out. Serbu always gives us an interesting read and even though I am not really a fan of the paranormal, I always look forward to his novels.

Charon is our main character here and he has trouble maintaining any kind of non-sexual relationship and he understands that the only kind of relationship he will ever have is one that takes place in bed. He does not trust others and is lonely, afraid of falling in love because that could possibly hurt him if a relationship ends. This feeling probably comes from his being raised as a foster child and never having experienced true love. Therefore one-night stands serve his purpose well…. until…. he meets a guy who will change his life forever.

I am quite sure that you are waiting for me to tell you that Charon falls in love but you should have already surmised from the book’s title that the change he experiences is more that life long. Charon is offered the chance to play a game with him in which the winner is granted eternal life and riches forever. The winner becomes a vampire. Charon thinks that this is the greatest thing he has ever heard or that could ever happen to him and he quickly embraces the vampire lifestyle. He finds himself willing to do whatever his mentor and maker needs. In fact, he becomes quite “the sexy” vampire who feel that he is above basic vampire laws and eventually becomes evil, doing what he wants. Things are quite different for him now and he is no longer, surrounding himself with sexy and handsome young men. Then he is stalked by a vampire as good-looking as himself who threatens Charon saying that he will expose him and his misdeeds tothe Vampire Council if he does help with an impossible task thus forcing him to make a very difficult decision.

In order to know what happens, you will have to read the book and that is a good thing. I have learned to expect good writing from Damian Serbu and he does not disappoint.

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