“Never Break the Chain” by Jason Warburg— Grief and Obsession

Warburg, Jason. “Never Break the Chain’, Wheel Publications, 2017.

Grief and Obsession

Amos Lassen

Set in Malibu among mansions and Hollywood rock clubs, Tim Green is grieving over the loss of his father and this grief becomes an obsessive quest to find his mother who deserted him almost thirty years earlier. The journey takes him deep into the heart of rock and roll. We meet Green at the oceanfront compound of British guitarist Blake Saunders, who’s just hired him to write an authorized biography of his rock band. Green’s efforts to retrace his mother’s steps through Los Angeles’s rock and roll underworld push him toward a cathartic confrontation. Everything he once thought about who he is becomes challenged. This is a novel that is equal parts family drama, literate thriller, and a behind the scenes look at an aging rock band but taken as a whole, this is a story about families both the ones we’re born into, and the ones we create.

We get a lot of references to music here as might be expected from an author who has been a music writer and the music is actually a cast member here. This is a story of excess and success and it does show us who Tim Green really is. It’s through that we learn this. Warburg understands how music can play a major part in people’s lives.

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