“Homo Odyssey: Adventures of a World Traveler” by Brent Meersman— Seventeen Countries on Six Continents: A Travel Memoir

Meersman, Brent. “Homo Odyssey: Adventures of a World Traveler”, Bruno Gmunder, 2017.

Seventeen Countries on Six Continents: A Travel Memoir

Amos Lassen

In always look forward to a new book by Brent Meersman and I must admit that “Homo Odyssey” stole my heart. It is part autobiography, part social theory, an immersive study of sexual desire and the cultures that shape it and it is written with brutal honesty. Meersman throws sentimentality out of the window and becomes both tender and vulnerable as he gives us his memoir of gay life and sexual desire .

We are reminded that sexual desire “morphs with the times”. Meersman is both self-critical and cruelly objective in this deeply personal account that looks intimately at what it means to be human. His stories transcend gayness as they are stories about man as he makes his way through life and we immediately see that it is not difficult to identify with and to feel the human condition.

The next paragraph is quoted from the blurb of the book since it says everything so much better than I can.

“A gay Muslim in Berlin, a young gay man bewildered and lost on the highways of Los Angeles; a rent boy in Shanghai; a holiday romance in Mexico; a man from Dakar in a bathhouse in Paris; a love hotel in Tokyo; a darkroom in Rio; a hamam in Syria; the burning ghats on the Ganges; Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, Shinto and atheist; legal and illegal … blazing through 17 countries on six continents…”

“Homo Odyssey” is an edgy, often very funny travel memoir that allows us to see the world and ourselves differently than we ever have before. We read how men are sexually attracted to other men who live in different parts of the world and how they see themselves. This is about survival in hostile places and how we have made it to where we are today.


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